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This website is now on Facebook.  Look it up and bookmark it (On Facebook - go to Manage News Feed, Page, Chediston & Linstead Parish Council Website, and 'Like' the page. Then you should see the Page listed in your FB menu when something new is posted).  Feel free to add comments etc to that page.

We list below details of all the recent updates that have been made to this website

Website Update  27/01/15

Noticeboard (Holocaust Remembrance)

Website Update  26/01/15

Churches (Services update)

Website Update  20/01/15

Parish Council (Summary of January 19th Meeting)

Website Update  19/01/15

Events Diary & Noticeboard (Jazz at The Angel)

Website Update  16/01/15

Noticeboard (Tree Surgery)

Website Update  15/01/15

Noticeboard (Community Oil Buying - less than 40p/litre!)

Website Update  14/01/15

Neighbourhood Watch (Local Crime Incidents and Reports; Police Community Safety Unit; NHW meeting Report including speeding along the B1123 ); Parish Council (Area Consultation Session)

Website Update  13/01/15

For Sale (Item added)

Website Update  12/01/15

Neighbourhood Watch (Heating Oil Theft); Parish Council Agenda for January Meeting; (Minutes November Meeting; transparency Code)

Website Update  11/01/15

Noticeboard (100 Club Results)

Website Update  09/01/15

Churches/Chediston (PCC Meeting notes); Events Diary (Chediston PCC & APCM dates); Noticeboard (Chediston Team Times Entry for February)

Website Update  07/01/15

Neighbourhood Watch (Local Crime Incidents and Reports)

Website Update  06/01/15

Churches/Chediston (Bell ringing dates)

Website Update  01/01/15

Events/Events Reports (Herne Hill New Year's Eve party)

Website Update  30/12/14

Noticeboard/Chediston (Blocked drainage ditch); Parish Council (Planning Meeting Agenda 02 January)

Website Update  24/12/14

Churches (Services Update)

Website Update  23/12/14

Neighbourhood Watch (Local Crime Incidents and Drinking & Driving)

Website Update  21/12/14

Noticeboard/Chediston (Email from New Zealand)

Website Update  18/12/14

Events Diary (Chediston PCC Meeting); Events Diary & Noticeboard/Chediston(Chediston Carol Service)

Website Update  17/12/14

Neighbourhood Watch (Local Crime Incidents and Christmas Message)

Website Update  12/12/14

Neighbourhood Watch (Message from the Chief Constable)

Website Update  10/12/14

Events Reports (Update Chediston Xmas Fair - email); (Neighbourhood Watch (Local Crime Incidents and Reports)

Website Update  09/12/14

Events/Events Reports (Update - Chediston Xmas Fair); News Blog (Calendars)

Website Update  08/12/14

Churches (Update); Noticeboard/Linstead (Linstead Newsletter January 2015); Events Reports (Update)

Website Update  06/12/14

Events/Events Reports (Chediston Xmas Fair)

Website Update  05/12/14

Noticeboard/Chediston (Team Times Entry for January); Noticeboard & Events Diary (Chediston & Linstead W.I programme for 2015)

Website Update  04/12/14

Neighbourhood Watch (Festive Parties); News Blog (Cakes for Christmas Fair)

Website Update  03/12/14

Neighbourhood Watch (Local Crime Incidents and Reports & Bank Notice)

Website Update  01/12/14

Events Reports (Linstead Xmas Fair)

Website Update  29/11/14

Churches (Services Update); Events Diary (Nostalgia evening Linstead); Neighbourhood Watch (Burglars Caught); Parish Council (Update Councillors' contacts; signed-off minutes September PC meeting); Noticeboard (Traffic Order Chediston)

Website Update  27/11/14

Neighbourhood Watch (Equine Event); News Blog & Noticeboard/Chediston (New Arrival)

Website Update  26/11/14

Events Diary and News Blog (Jazzin' Around); Neighbourhood Watch (Chediston Intruder Alert & Local Crime Incidents and Reports); Noticeboard (Heather Burroughes Tribute)

Website Update  25/11/14

Noticeboard (Rockstone and Chediston Green Road Closures); Parish Council (Summary of PC Meeting 24/11/14 & 2015 Meeting dates)

Website Update  18/11/14

Neighbourhood Watch (Local Crime Incidents and Reports)

Website Update  17/11/14

News Blog & Noticeboard (Update Heather Burroughes); Noticeboard/Chediston (Team Times Entry for December); Parish Council (Agenda November 24th meeting)

Website Update  14/11/14

Churches (Services update); Noticeboard/Chediston (Poppy collection)

Website Update  12/11/14

Neighbourhood Watch (Local Crime Incidents and Reports); News Blog & Noticeboard (Parish Calendars)

Website Update  10/11/14

Events Diary (Chediston Christmas Fair update); News Blog & Noticeboard/Chediston (Chediston Christmas Fair)

Website Update  09/11/14

News Blog & Noticeboard (Heather Burroughes)

Website Update  07/11/14

Chediston United Charities Trust & News Blog (Update); News Blog (New to Chediston?)




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