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We list below details of all the recent updates that have been made to this website

Website Update 17/09/14

Neighbourhood Watch (Local Crime Incidents and Reports)

Website Update 16/09/14

Parish Council (3 sets signed-off minutes; Summary of PC Meeting 15th September)

Website Update 14/09/14

Events Diary (Downhill Race details)

Website Update 12/09/14

Noticeboard/Chediston (Team Times entry)

Website Update 11/09/14

News Blog (New Residents - Pippins, Chediston Green)

Website Update 09/09/14

Neighbourhood Watch (Catalytic Converter Marking); Parish Council (Agenda PC Meeting September)

Website Update 08/09/14

Events Diary & Church/Chediston (Harvest Festival)

Website Update 04/09/14

Events Diary & Noticeboard/Chediston (Barn Dance)

Website Update 03/09/14

Neighbourhood Watch (Local Crime Incidents and Reports)

Website Update 02/09/14

News Blog (Solar Park)

Website Update 01/09/14

Events Reports (Car Boot Sale); Parish Council (Planning Agenda)

Website Update 30/08/14

Churches (Services Update); Events Diary (Various events added); Noticeboard (100 Club results)

Website Update 2708/14

Neighbourhood Watch (New spate of Catalytic Converter Thefts; Local Crime Incidents and Reports)

Website Update 26/08/14

Noticeboard & Events Diary (Jazz at The Angel)

Website Update 21/08/14

Neighbourhood Watch (Suffolk Horse Watch Bulletin & Plaiting of Manes etc)

Website Update 20/08/14

Neighbourhood Watch (Local Crime Incidents and Reports)

Website Update 18/08/14

Events Diary & News Blog & Noticeboard (Photo Exhibition);For Sale (Item sold!)

Website Update 16/08/14

Churches (Services Update); Events Diary (Items added); News Blog & Noticeboard (Holly Abell)

Website Update 15/08/14

Events Diary & Noticeboard (Car Boot Sale)

Website Update 13/08/14

Neighbourhood Watch (Local Crime Incidents and Reports)

Website Update 08/08/14

Noticeboard/Chediston (Team Times entry for September)

Website Update 07/08/14

For Sale (Item Added)

Website Update 06/08/14

Neighbourhood Watch (Local Crime Incidents and Reports also Community Safety Unit Newsletter)

Website Update 05/08/14

Events Reports (Linstead Fete); News Blog (Emailfrom New Zealand)

Website Update 04/08/14

Events Diary & Noticeboard (Barn Dance); For Sale (Items Sold!); Parish Council (Planning Meeting Agenda)

Website Update 03/08/14

Neighbourhood Watch (Dodgy character!); Noticeboard (Want to be on TV? Pests in the House?)

Website Update 30/07/14

Neighbourhood Watch (Local Crime Incidents and Reports)

Website Update 29/07/14

For Sale (Items Sold!)

Website Update 28/07/14

Events Diary (Jazz at The Angel); Events Reports (Jazz at The Angel)

Website Update 26/07/14

Churches (Services Update); Noticeboard (Jazz at The Angel)

Website Update 25/07/14

Neighbourhood Watch (Catalytic Converter Info & Marking)

Website Update 22/07/14

Neighbourhood Watch (Local Crime Incidents and Reports); Noticeboard (Oil Buying Community); Parish Council (Summary of PC Meeting 21/07/14)

Website Update 21/07/14

Parish Council (Individual Electoral Registration Changes)

Website Update 18/07/14

Neighbourhood Watch (Letter from John Parson)

Website Update 18/07/14

Parish Council (Agenda for next PC Meeting)

Website Update 14/07/14

Noticeboard (Refuse Collection Changes)

Website Update 11/07/14

Parish Council (Terry Tooze change of address)

Website Update 10/07/14

Noticeboard/Chediston (Team Times entry for August)

Website Update 09/07/14

Gallery/Photo Competition( New photo added)

Website Update 08/07/14

Neighbourhood Watch (Horsewatch Notice)

Website Update 07/07/14

Neighbourhood Watch (Chediston Incident; Suffolk NHW Assoc. July 2014 newsletter)

Website Update 02/07/14

Events Diary & News Blog (Photo Competition)

Website Update 29/06/14

Churches & Events Diary (Linstead Patronal Festival amendment)

Website Update 23/06/14

News Blog (Village photo)

Website Update 22/06/14

Events Reports (D-Day Dance); Gallery/Photo Competition (New photo added); Noticeboard/Chediston (Memorial Tree Planting update)

Website Update 21/06/14

Events Reports, News Blog & Noticeboard/Chediston (D-Day Event & Memorial Tree Planting)



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