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We list below details of all the recent updates that have been made to this website

Website Update 24/09/16

Events Diary (Chediston Music Night)

Website Update 22/09/16

Noticeboard (Aggressive Asian Hornet)

Website Update 20/09/16

Parish Council/Financial Reports (External Auditor Certificate 2015/16)

Website Update 19/09/16

Parish Council (Summary of PC Meeting)

Website Update 14/09/16

Neighbourhood Watch (Halesworth SNT September Newsletter)

Website Update 13/09/16

Parish Council (Agenda PC Meeting)

Website Update 11/09/16

Events Diary and Noticeboard/Chediston (Chediston Music night)

Website Update 08/09/16

Churches (Services Update); Churches/Chediston (Harvest Festival Chediston);Noticeboard/Chediston (October Team Times entry)

Website Update 07/09/16

Neighbourhood Watch (Accident Metfield & Metal Theft Awareness); News Blog (PC Website - keep it/close it)

Website Update 05/09/16

Useful Information/Businesses (Update Linstead Garage)

Website Update 31/08/16

Noticeboard/Chediston (Visit of Therese Coffey)

Website Update 28/08/16

Churches/Chediston (Baptisms of Lily Rose and Molly Watling)

Website Update 27/08/16

Churches (Service update)

Website Update 24/08/16

Churches (Service update); Churches/Chediston (Bell ringing); Neighbourhood Watch (Burglary Linstead Garden & Machinery); News Blog (Don Bassinger funeral)

Website Update 23/08/16

Neighbourhood Watch (£1000 Reward); Noticeboard/Chediston (Wissett Road Camping update plus additional emails)

Website Update 15/08/16

Events Diary, News Blog, Noticeboard (Meet Therese Coffey); Parish Council (Planning Meeting minutes)

Website Update 14/08/16

News Blog (Don Bassinger; Letter to website); Noticeboard/Chediston (Letter to website & several responses)

Website Update 13/08/16

News Blog (Chediston's Patronal chucrh service)

Website Update 12/08/16

Noticeboard/Chediston (September Team Times entry)

Website Update 09/08/16

Noticeboard (Therese Coffey's Newsletter)

Website Update 06/08/16

Events/Events Rports (Linstead Village Fete with photos)

Website Update 05/08/16

For Sale (Item sold!); Noticeboard/Chediston (Comment added on Piped ditch)

Website Update 04/08/16

Noticeboard/Chediston (Ditch piping lunacy? plus several comments)

Website Update 03/08/16

For Sale (Items added); Parish Council (Signed off minutes of PC Meeting 18 July)

Website Update 02/08/16

Churches (Services Update); Events Diary (SHCT Cycle Ride)

Website Update 01/08/16

Events Diary (Chediston Harvest Home Social); News Blog (Free Parking); Noticeboard (Chediston Table Tennis)

Website Update 26/07/16

Neighbourhood Watch (Burglary Brampton; Invitation to Burglars!)

Website Update 25/07/16

Parish Council (Planning Meeting Agenda; Draft Minutes of PC Meeting 18th July); Parish Council/Financial Statements (Financial Statement 30th June); Parish Council/Planning Applications (Mill House)

Website Update 23/07/16

Events Reports (Amy Fossett wedding)

Website Update 20/07/16

Neighbourhood Watch (Doorstep Fish Sellers)

Website Update 19/07/16

Churches & Events Diary (Patronal Service); Noticeboard (Hedge Cutting); Parish Council (Summary of PC Meeting 18/07/16)

Website Update 18/07/16

Noticeboard (100 Club results; Missing Cat found!)

Website Update 17/07/16

Parish Council/Financial Reports (Audit Reports - 2014/15; Draft Audit 2015/16; Receipts and Payments 2015/16; Annual Governance Statements 2014-15 and 2015-16)

Website Update 16/07/16

Noticeboard (Missing Cat)

Website Update 15/07/16

Neighbourhood Watch (Woman Dies & Doorstep Traders Warning); Noticeboard/Chediston (Kingfisher sighted)

Website Update 13/07/16

Neighbourhood Watch & Noticeboard (Latitude Traffic Delays etc.); Noticeboard (Art Group Gallery photos); News Blog (Stephen Burroughes)

Website Update 12/07/16

Noticeboard (Chediston Road Closure);Parish Council (Agenda for PC Meeting)

Website Update 08/07/16

Events Diary & News Blog & Noticeboard (Chediston Art Group Annual Exhibition); Noticeboard/Chediston (Team Times Entry for August)

Website Update 07/07/16

Neighbourhood Watch (Latitude, Phone Scams etc); News Blog (Chediston Uncut Verge)

Website Update 02/07/16

News Blog (Stray Dogs)









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