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We list below details of all the recent updates that have been made to this website

Website Update 27/11/15

Noticeboard (Gregory Family - Thanks)

Website Update 25/11/15

Neighbourhood Watch (Burglary, Laxfield); News Blog & Events Diary (Jazz at The Angel)

Website Update 24/11/15

Neighbourhood Watch (Local Crime Incidents etc; amendment to Police Neighbourhood Team address); Noticeboard (Therese Coffey MP's October Newsletter); Parish Council (Draft November PC Minutes); Parish Council/Financial Statements (November Statement)

Website Update 23/11/15

News Blog & Neighbourhood Watch (Scam Callers Police Advice); Noticeboard (Community Oil Buying Scheme); Noticeboard/Chediston (Poppy Sales)

Website Update 19/11/15

Neighbourhood Watch (Possible Scam - NHW Alert)

Website Update 18/11/15

Noticeboard (Suffolk Coastal Circumstances changes)

Website Update 17/11/15

Neighbourhood Watch (Local Crime Incidents and Police Policies); Parish Council (Summary of PC meeting 16/11/15; New Planning Matters Page added to PC tab; dates 2016 PC meetings added)

Website Update 16/11/15

Neighbourhood Watch (Community Safety Notice)

Website Update 15/11/15

Noticeboard/Chediston (Doug Cady's Reminiscences following his 90th Birthday earlier this year)

Website Update 13/11/15

Churches & Events Diary (Service Update); Noticeboard/Chediston (December Team Times entry)

Website Update 12/11/15

Noticeboard (Pat Gregory recalls how he celebrated the end of the Second World War); Parish Council (Agenda for PC Meeting 16th November)

Website Update 11/11/15

News Blog & Noticeboard (Volunteer typist required for website)

Website Update 10/11/15

Neighbourhood Watch (Local Crime Incidents and Police Policies); (Noticeboard/Chediston (Flag Officer Required; Stephen Burroughes - winner!)

Website Update 09/11/15

Neighbourhood Watch (Saddle Marking)

Website Update 07/11/15

Events Diary & Noticeboard/Chediston (Ceilidh)

Website Update 05/11/15

Events Diary; Noticeboard/Chediston & News Blog (Chediston Christmas Fair)

Website Update 04/11/15

Noticeboard/Chediston (URGENT - Village children Xmas Gift list plus school assistance etc); News Blog & Noticeboard/Chediston (Pat Gregory funeral update & photo added)

Website Update 03/11/15

Churches/Chediston (Bell ringing date); News Blog & Noticeboard/Chediston (Pat Gregory - photos & funeral details added); Neighbourhood Watch (Local Crime Incidents and Police Policies)

Website Update 01/11/15

Churches/ Churches Chediston/ News Blog (Chediston Remembrance Service)

Website Update 31/10/15

Home (Telephone numbers & Skype)

Website Update 30/10/15

Neighbourhood Watch (Safety Message including Halloween)

Website Update 28/10/15

News Blog (Comments upon - Abolition of first free hour in Halesworth Thoroughfare Car Park)

Website Update 28/10/15

News Blog (Pat Gregory); News Blog (Abolition of first free hour in Halesworth Thoroughfare Car Park)

Website Update 27/10/15

Neighbourhood Watch (Talk Talk - Police Advice; Local Crime Incidents and Police Policies; Halloween Advice)

Website Update 26/10/15

Churches (Services Update); Events Diary (Carol Service & Linstead Market update & Beetle Drive); Neighbourhood Watch (Burglars & Exploitation)

Website Update 23/10/15

Neighbourhood Watch (CCTV); Noticeboard (Lowestoft Preferred Options Document)

Website Update 18/10/15

For Sale (Item SOLD!)

Website Update 13/10/15

Neighbourhood Watch (Local Crime Incidents and Police Policies)

Website Update 09/10/15

Churches & Events Diary (Remembrance Service); Noticeboard/Chediston (Chediston November Team Times Entry)

Website Update 08/10/15

Neighbourhood Watch (Police Community Safety Newsletter)

Website Update 06/10/15

For Sale (New Items)

Website Update 05/10/15

Noticeboard (100 Club Draw Results); (Therese Coffey MP's Newsletter)

Website Update 03/10/15

Noticeboard (Halesworth Campus Public Meeting); Parish Council (Draft Minutes of September 21st PC Meeting); Parish Council/Financial Reports (Financial Statemnet 21/09/15)

Website Update 30/09/15

Neighbourhood Watch (Local Crime Incidents and Police Policies)

Website Update 29/09/15

News Blog & Noticeboard/Chediston (Henry Twyman)

Website Update 27/09/15

Events Reports (Downhill Soapbox Derby)

Website Update 25/09/15

Churches (Services Update); Events Diary (Linstead Market update)

Website Update 24/09/15

Photo Gallery (New photo (Barn Owl) added)

Website Update 22/09/15

Neighbourhood Watch (Local Crime Incidents and Police Policies)

Website Update 21/09/15

Neighbourhood Watch (Church Lead Thefts); News Blog (Broadband); Parish Council (Summary of meeting 21/09/15)


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