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We list below details of all the recent updates that have been made to this website

Website Update 25/05/16

Parish Council (Finance Report 31 March 2016; Draft AGM & Village Meetings 16 May 2016)

Website Update 24/05/16

Neighbourhood Watch (Ormond Street Charity Collectors; Prisoner now back in prison))

Website Update 23/05/16

Churches/Chediston (Notification of Bell ringing); Neighbourhood Watch (Prisoner Escape)

Website Update 22/05/16

Churches/Chediston (PCC Meeting Agenda)

Website Update 20/05/16

For Sale/Wanted (Item Sold!!)

Website Update 19/05/16

Noticeboard (Therese Coffey MP's May Newsletter)

Website Update 17/05/16

Neighbourhood Watch (Become a PCSO?)

Website Update 11/05/16

News Blog/Events Diary & Parish Council (PC AGM Monday is 16th not 15th!); Parish Council (Agenda for May AGM); Chediston Charity (Report upon Chediston Charity to PC AGM); Neighbourhood Watch (Report upon NHW to PC AGM); Noticeboard & Parish Council (Report upon Parish Webiste to PC AGM); Noticeboard/Chediston (Team Times Entry June)

Website Update 10/05/16

Neighbourhood Watch (Stolen Car)

Website Update 09/05/16

Events Diary & Noticeboard (Halesworth Festival Voices)

Website Update 06/05/16

Noticeboard & News Blog (Another Road Closure)

Website Update 01/05/16

Noticeboard (Bowls Open Day)

Website Update 27/04/16

Noticeboard (Letter from Gillian King)

Website Update 25/04/16

Neighbourhood Watch (Revised link for Safer Neighbourhood Team); (Noticeboard (Temporary Road Closure - Linstead)

Website Update 22/04/16

Churches (Services Update)

Website Update 21/04/16

Neighbourhood Watch (Burglaries)

Website Update 20/04/16

Churches-Chediston/Events Diary/News Blog (Music Day); Events Diary, News Blog, Noticeboard/Linstead (Linstead Village Hall AGM)

Website Update 18/04/16

Churches-Chediston/Events Diary/News Blog (Church Annual Parochial Meeting)

Website Update 16/04/16

News Blog (Travellers Gone from Halesworth)

Website Update 14/04/16

News Blog (Travellers in Halesworth; Pete and Tracy Jones)

Website Update 12/04/16

Neighbourhood Watch (Police Appeal); Noticeboard/Chediston (letter received re: church track repair)

Website Update 09/04/16

Neighbourhood Watch (Trading Standards warning); Noticeboard (amendment to letter received by Website re: Linstead)

Website Update 08/04/16

Events Diary (Update); Noticeboard (letter received by Website re: Linstead); Noticeboard/Chediston (Team Times for May)

Website Update 07/04/16

Churches (Services update)

Website Update 01/04/16

Parish Council (PC Meeting Minutes published plus Notes Re: B1123 Meeting)

Website Update 27/03/16

Noticeboard (Latest 100 Club Results)

Website Update 23/03/16

Neighbourhood Watch (Local Crime Incidents and Police Policies)

Website Update 22/03/16

Neighbourhood Watch (Safety Message following clocks going forward)

Website Update 21/03/16

Events Diary (PC AGM); Neighbourhood Watch (George Kisby, Bungay; Volunteer Police Cadets); News Blog (PC AGM reminder); Noticeboard (Halesworth Town Park Draft Management Plan and Friends Form); Noticeboard/Chediston (Queen's Birthday event ideas?); Parish Council (PC Meeting Summary)

Website Update 20/03/16

Churches & Churches/Chediston (Easter Services Chediston)






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